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EvilNeon's Discography: Tanks (Remix)


EvilNeon - Tanks (Remix)

Release Date



Techno, Trance, Downtempo, Remix, Video Game







A little remix of a song from a video game made in the early 2000's with that minimal, retro, Y2k style!

I might go back and rework this one since it's outdated and doesn't represent my best works anymore, though somehow it is one of the most viewed videos on the YouTube channel as of the time of writing this. 2023-09-12. Which is weird because I have put up far greater tracks than that (In my objective 'pinion)! We'll come to figure it out sooner or later hahahaha

You can buy the game through Blitwise's website (not promoted btw, I just genuinely like the game.)

Get on the discord for all the latest, you know you wanna :) 

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